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Specialized Educational Services, LLC

Educational Therapy & Tutoring, Advocacy, Consultation, Assessment

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About Us and What We Can Do

  • Educational Therapy Services:  Help with figuring out why your student is experiencing difficulty and coming up with a plan to help,  Educational therapists look at the whole child, emotionally, educationally and strengths and needs. Then a tailored program is developed for each student.
  • Tutoring/Teaching:  specializing in learning challenges
  • Educational Assessment:  We have general and specific assessments to determine where and how your child is performing.  Additionally, we do home school evaluations and state approved assessments.  We can serve as your end of school year evaluator.  
  • We use research based, Multisensory, systematic, structured and Orton-Gillingham materials to increase skills in reading, (decoding and comprehension), spelling and written language.
  • Special homeschool classes and/or co-ops
  • Math programs that are research based, multi sensory and systematic to increase number sense, basic operations (+,-,•,÷), fractions, decimals and in some cases, higher math.
  • Consultation:  Advocacy, IEP and section 504 plans.  Do you need someone to attend school meetings with you?
  • Parent Education:  Understanding Special Education, what questions to ask, how to advocate, understanding the jargon and increasing your knowledge of the IEP or 504 process.  We can also provide assistance in finding other services you may need. 
  • Speaking Engagements:  If your group is interested in a speaker to discuss special education or a related topic.










Blossom Zell, M.ED, ET​

Founder/Lead Service Provider

Blossom brings a lifetime of experience working with children to her private practice.  She received her BS in Regular and Special Education from the University of Maryland.  At American University, she continued her studies to earn her Masters in Education in emotional disturbance and a concentration in learning disabilities.  During this time, she had the opportunity to study with two of the leading experts in the field:  Dr. Nicholas J. Long and Professor Sally L Smith.  Blossom has numerous certifications in the field of education including regular and special education.  She is also a member of the Association of Educational Therapists.  (AET). In 2017, she was honored with recognition for longevity of service in Who's Who in America.  Through the years, Blossom has held a variety of positions in school districts in Maryland and Pennsylvania.  The practice began as a response to a glaring need for support services in the south-central Pennsylvania area.  Blossom loves working with children and helping them "bloom" to meet their full potential!  

Call or email today to find out more and how we can help your family's educational challenges.  

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